Elliot & Friends Canine Rescue

501(c)(3) foster-based dog rescue in Canyon County, Idaho.

About Us

Why We Were Founded

Elliot & Friends Canine Rescue was founded on the belief that dogs can provide a great means of companionship to individuals and families.  From our experience, our dogs are our family, and we hope to foster that kind of relationship for our community.  Our passion for animals grew throughout the years, to the point that we wanted to do more.  That's where Elliot & Friends Canine Rescue was brought to our minds.

Our founder, Caleb Edwards, is a military veteran who struggled with Anxiety Disorder after departing the United States Navy.  He credits his success in overcoming his anxiety to having his dog, Elliot, as his companion in life's journeys.  As an avid dog lover, Caleb has volunteered with animal rescues in the past and learned firsthand the impact they have on their communities, and he, along with his best friend Rachel Lindmeier, decided to do more and follow through on one of their life's goals by founding this rescue.

On February 23, 2019, we filed our Articles of Incorporation with the state of Idaho.  On June 6, 2019, we received our Determination Letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) designating us as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

We are a non-profit organization that relies heavily on the donations of individuals throughout the Canyon County, ID area.

Mission Statement

Elliot & Friends Canine Rescue is a non-profit volunteer-run dog rescue serving the Canyon County, Idaho region in the United States of America. We are committed to receiving dogs from high-kill shelters, as well as those found abandoned or those surrendered by their owners and matching them with a loving and caring forever-family. 

Our adoption process allows us to vet potential adopters thoroughly and efficiently to ensure that our dogs obtain the best match possible. We also strive to educate potential adopters on the basics of owning a dog, as well as providing the resources within the community to build a prosperous bond with their new family member.

We are committed to serving our veterans that have sacrificed for our country by offering them the opportunity to adopt a companion animal at a minimal cost. To this end, we hope to help build an everlasting bond between the canine and veteran to ease transition periods of high stress and provide emotional comfort to lessen veteran suicide and various other mental health issues.

Our animals receive all appropriate veterinary care and treatment while they are with us, to include spay/neuter, microchipping, shots, and various other surgeries. We partner with local veterinarians to achieve this to build partnerships and remain cost-efficient.

We do not discriminate against canines or potential adopters. We bring in dogs of every size, age, breed, and medical condition to the greatest extent possible. In addition, we will not deny any potential adopter based on their sexual orientation, sexual identity, age, veteran status, race, ethnicity, or disability. Our sole considerations when approving or denying a potential adopter are their personality match with the canine, commitment to the canine’s well-being, financial ability to care for the canine, and the ability to meet any specific requirements for the well-being of the dog.

Finally, we strive to engage with all aspects of the Canyon County and greater Boise, ID communities to foster a network of canine supporters and volunteers to create better possibilities for homeless dogs. 


Caleb Edwards

President and Founder

Rachel Lindmeier

Vice President and Co-Founder

Sarah Post

Justin Greer

Maria Terri Cash

Medical Coordinator

David Lindmeier

Board Member